Kitchen photo from Design is Mine.

It’s the first day of the new decade and I’m seeing red! No, I’m not angry. Red is the color of passion and that’s one of the reasons it activates the Love & Relationship area of your home. Where’s that? Consult the bagua to get a rough idea of the layout of your home. Equipped with that knowledge you can then select colors and symbols that strengthen and enhance the feng shui power for your Love sector. It’s important to note that even though we equate our master bedrooms with Love & Relationship, the master bedroom does not necessarily fall within your Love & Relationship sector. Your love power could be in your kitchen, your bathroom, your guest room…even your garage. Depends on the layout of  your home and that can get complicated to figure out if your home is on more than one level and might have entire sectors missing. If you’re not sure, consult with a pro. The Love section of your bagua is enhanced by red, pink, and white. I found some terrific red room inspiration at Design is Mine for any room of the house.

Photo from Desire to Inspire

The photo above shows a bedroom under beams (you know how I feel about THAT!) but the bad beam energy is dissipated in two ways: they’re painted white (white = metal, metal “cuts” wood) and the bed is protected by a white veil of a canopy. Problem solved! I love the whites and reds used here whether your bedroom is in the Love Area or not. See more cool bedrooms of all colors at Desire to Inspire.

Photo and more info at Trendir

Of course, you can always add just a shot of red color to your Love area to activate it. This ultra hip warming towel rack is hot, hot, hot. I found it at Trendir, a fun design blog. And priced accordingly from Antrax Art Heating. On another note, the company name has dubious feng shui benefits…it’s too close to anthrax. I would rethink that, guys!

And this photo shows how to incorporate red totally like the inside of a box. It’s an inspiration I found at Home Design Find for a kitchen or a bathroom but I’d avoid it in the bedroom as it is too stimulating. Touches of red work better in the bedroom.

Pic from Home Design Find

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