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A very sweet article “Fear the Pumpkin: in Ukraine it’s the Big Kiss-Off” at NPR explains one of their scarier Love & Relationship traditions. If a guy you didn’t like would come to your door to ask for your hand in marriage, you’d simply turn him down by handing him a pumpkin. In today’s world it might not be so easy to find a pumpkin handy, except at Halloween. Some people can’t take no for an answer so I doubt they’d take a pumpkin any better. Perhaps people with stalkers should place a bomb in the pumpkin and hand that over to the stalker?  What if Pumpkin Head himself is the unwanted suitor coming to court you? Do you still give him a pumpkin? He might take it as a “she likes me!”.

Okay let’s talk feng shui. What do you do if you want to ATTRACT a mate? First you gotta make room for him or her in your life. Get rid of the clutter both environmentally and mentally. You don’t need those old photos of lovers that done you wrong. You don’t need that broken engagement ring from the one who left you standing at the altar. You don’t need those panties of previous conquests(if you do, somebody’s going to give you a pumpkin!)…instead if you’re serious about attracting love into your life you can employ some feng shui techniques for Love & Relationship found in this blog.

BTW, if you have a better kiss-off technique than giving a pumpkin, I’d like you to share in our comments section!

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