Was it raining where you lived today? It was here in North Carolina and I heard from friends that it was in Maine and in LA, also. This photo that I first spied at Apartment Therapy and traced to another blog really lifted my spirits today. Such a wonderful image. I bet the Traveler’s Insurance Company would love this image, too. But anyway, this serves as inspiration on how to lift ch’i in your home. Don’t neglect your ceilings. If you have particularly high ceilings, you can circulate the ch’i by adding feng shui solutions such as mobile art works and hanging sculptures. Use your imagination…pretty paper parasols or fans or Tibetan prayer flags—all from Asia—could be mounted in interesting ways if you have the right space for them. Fabrics can be stapled and draped in creative ways, too. This photo (again, Apartment Therapy thank you!) shows an ultra glam use of fabric.

As seen at ApartmentTherapy.com

I like the idea of painting some ceilings with sky and clouds. This mural by Hove Painting Studio takes it to a very high level adding lush flora and fauna as well as sky. I like how the ivy spills out onto the trim, too.

Hove Painting Studio did this mural.

This photo from fauxplay.com shows not only a sky painted ceiling but also solves the problem of that awkward column. By painting it to look like a tree, the column becomes a symbol of growth and the tree of life. Traditionally that is a good feng shui solution. You could also paint faux ivy growing up the column and hanging down from it. Do you have a high ceilinged space that you’ve done something interesting with? Send us your pics and we may feature you on the Feng Shui By Fishgirl blog.

Photo of mural work executed by fauxplay.com

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