John Strauss tables. Photo by Veronika Miller of Modenus

What’s new at High Point Furniture Market this week? One of the most exciting trends is Made in America. Furniture designer John Strauss of Canton, Ohio is in the forefront of this movement. Shown above is just one of his designs, “Lozere Table”, that comes in 6 vibrant shades. I told John that I thought the table had wonderful feng shui. Why? Because it has an octagonal shape that reminds me of the bagua, it has yin curves and yang angles combined in a balanced and pleasing way, and the colors are chi-ful. Plus, they are good karma since John uses sustainable woods, sustainable paint, and produces this line in an Amish factory in Ohio. While I was in the John Strauss showroom admiring his furniture, I met the very dynamic Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus. Check out the Modenus interactive website for inspiration and up-to-date design information and their blog for Veronika’s take on John’s table. John Strauss furniture is custom made and that means if you want to order a single piece, you probably can. Check it out at StraussFurniture.com.

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