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There’s a house on the market in Bel Air, California (a very ritzy part of LA) going for $17.5 Million. I love looking at real estate and when I got this listing from Rose + Chang I just had to check it out with my feng shui eyes. If I had a serious art collection this is the type of home I would seek out to show it to its best advantage. These types of spaces can often come across as sterile, cold, and institutional looking. But I think here the architect and designer (I’m assuming the furnishings were “staged”) have done a good job of creating a warm and inviting environment despite the large areas of the interiors. They have used wood very wisely and sparingly. The furnishings have a nice blend of curves to offset the masculine lines of the building itself. I particularly like the bathroom with the almost perfect use of the elements. Would you like living here or is it too big for you? Do you prefer traditional to minimal?


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2 responses to “DOES $17.5 M BUY YOU GOOD FENG SHUI?

  1. Jainée Patrice

    I don’t like the bathroom..too darn cold..and I don’t like the way the marble is tiled with the veins not matching. I do like the bedroom though!

    • J,
      Nice point about the unmatched veins in the marble! I like the use of the elements: earth (stone), water (glass and mirror and actual water), wood (sink), metal (white color equals metal). They now simply add red towels and a candle and they’ve got fire and a completed feng shui system.
      BTW the red tones in the towels would warm up the room a lot. Thanks for posting!

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