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There’s a house on the market in Bel Air, California (a very ritzy part of LA) going for $17.5 Million. I love looking at real estate and when I got this listing from Rose + Chang I just had to check it out with my feng shui eyes. If I had a serious art collection this is the type of home I would seek out to show it to its best advantage. These types of spaces can often come across as sterile, cold, and institutional looking. But I think here the architect and designer (I’m assuming the furnishings were “staged”) have done a good job of creating a warm and inviting environment despite the large areas of the interiors. They have used wood very wisely and sparingly. The furnishings have a nice blend of curves to offset the masculine lines of the building itself. I particularly like the bathroom with the almost perfect use of the elements. Would you like living here or is it too big for you? Do you prefer traditional to minimal?


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While orange is my favorite color, I have mixed feelings about its use here. The bookcase and wall portion is yummy. Can you guess why I don’t like the floor painted orange? Orange / red tones are the color of fire. In feng shui terms we use this color to activate and stimulate, especially the top 3 sectors of the bagua. It’s not such a problem in the living areas or kitchen (as long as the other elements are balanced accordingly) but in the bedroom you want to create tranquillity not overstimulation. Having red walls or accents is okay. Having the foundation beneath you (the floor) in bright firey colors might give you a sleeping disorder. This color scheme could work well however in a retail space where “hot deals” are on display for eager buyers. I do like how this space has incorporated yin and yang aspects (round and square, soft and hard) in the decor. See more at Dwell.com.


Photo from Dwell.com


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Wei Wei Feng Shui

Ever feel like a minute spec in a giant space? 100 million handpainted porcelain sunflower seeds illustrates this point vividly. Ai Wei Wei is one of China’s prominent artists and his installation at the Tate in London is breathtakingly beautiful in its simplicity and scope. Things to contemplate while immersed in the seeds…how will our planet handle the feng shui of our exploding population? How will there be enough water and clean air for everyone? Where will we all live when space becomes more and more limited? Will our seeds take root and nourish the next generations or will only a few survive?

This just in: an update on the status of the installation. Apparently now the Tate will NOT let people interact with the installation (originally one could walk in it, lie down in it, scoop up the “seeds”. Now you can’t.

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