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Photo by Kaushal Parikh

Since I practice BHS Tibetan Buddhist Feng Shui, I am interested in all things Tibetan. There is a marvelous slide show of a day in the life of a Tibetan monk over at the NPR blog taken by Kaushal Parikh. The visuals are stunning (see that bright yellow door!) and the essay informative. In the picture below, you can see a sleeping dog. He reminds me of our dog Hershey who has very meditative qualities about him. I knew that the new monks of Skete kept dogs (we trained our dogs by their books) but I didn’t realize Tibetan monasteries kept dogs, too.

I encourage you to visit the NPR site and thank you to Kaushal Parikh for bringing us this wonderful photo essay.

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KITCHEN: Kitsch or Modern Art?

If I were in NYC this week I’d be headed over to MOMA to see The Frankfurt Kitchen designed in 1926, part of the larger show “Counter Space:Design and the Modern Kitchen”. Read more about it at the NPR blog. The exhibit features films and the politics behind keeping ‘the little woman’ in the kitchen. As I study the picture of The Frankfurt Kitchen above, I’m struck by the clean modern lines that designer Margarete Schuette-Lihotzky came up with. The open shelving is a concept I’m very in favor of. Note the chair and “desk” area…in those days it was for working with kitchen tools like meat grinders instead of a home office set up for your computer. This one would make me uncomfortable, though, because sitting there your back is to the long “poison arrow” of the galley. Solution? A mirrored wall in front of the chair so you can see what’s behind you. Might even be able to use highly polished stainless steel. What do you think? Is MOMA getting kitschy or does this kitchen exhibit qualify as modern art?

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