I’m a sucker for red. Anything painted bright red always attracts my attention and makes me smile. It’s difficult to be depressed when you’re around the color red. Think Dorothy’s ruby red slippers in the Wizard of Oz. Or those bright red toy wagons and firetrucks you played with as a kid. It’s the magic-fantastic feng shui color. Here’s why:

*Red signifies activating positive feng shui energies to attract good fortune, fame, and passion.

*Red symbolizes the fire element and warms up an environment.

*Red lifts spirits and warm the heart.

*Red is a confident color and bestows that powerful confidence on the wearer.

*Red wakes you up and puts you on alert (that’s why it’s used in stop signs and lights).

The picture above is from the online shop Wanderlust Cambodia. The actual store also uses red very effectively so that you are immediately drawn to this creative space. That’s owner Elizabeth Kiester standing in front of her shop below.

Photo by NY Times

Check out the website as there’s a ton of cool stylish stuff to buy (clothing and decor) like these coated round canvas storage totes pictured here for $38 bucks. I like this in red and because it has yin rounded shape. Same with the top picture of the pillow filled red bench: there is a nice balance of yin curves with squared cushions plus this nook would be a perfect retreat if it was located in your Love & Relationship area.


Are you happy yet?

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