MAINE-STAYS (The Way Life Should Be)

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been posting so much recently it’s because I was making the annual transition to summer headquarters in Maine. I arrived today and as usual, Maine took my breath away with her beauty. Our state’s slogan is “Maine: The Way Life Should Be”. After 5 summers here I have to say I am in agreement. The fresh air, the gorgeous views, the slower pace, the creative flow…this is the way life should be.

On our island, there are many wonderful artists and galleries. I feel connected to spirit, nature, beauty, and art and all of that equals LOVE in my world. Even though I am situated in a rather remote part of the world, I am connected to the global pulse via the internet, SKYPE, HBO, etc. With my mind clear of clutter, I’m able to hone in on dreams and connect with my feng-shui-by-mail clients with ease. Yes, that’s right: I can read your feng shui without even being inside your home. I developed a process of remote reading that is reliable and accurate and reasonably priced. Contact me for more details.

Meanwhile, shutting your home down for a long length of time has its feng shui drawbacks. We shut off the water so the pipes won’t freeze, the furnace gets unused, phone and electric are suspended…and the mice move in! Eeek! The energy inside the house feels stagnant when we return so windows need to be opened to air out the ch’i. A good smudging later on is also on the agenda.

Do you close down a vacation home? What is your checklist of things to do when you return?

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