One of the highlights of living in High Point, NC is being able to attend the High Point International Furniture Market Weeks to see incoming trends in home decor. One of my favorite sources for vintage and reproduction Chinese home furnishings is Antiques By Zaar. Owner Ruth Olbrych divides her time between Maine and High Point (just like I do!) and has a very high quality selection of furniture and accessories that can be purchased directly from her website. Ruth has a wonderful eye for finding unique pieces. Antiques By Zaar works with designers and individuals to help you put together a truly personalized look for your home.

Asian antiques have been in style for a long time and the proliferation of buddah statues from temples to yoga studios to backyards and living rooms has become almost cliche. From a feng shui perspective, are antiques positive or negative? That’s a good question. Getting back to buddah, it’s never a good idea to have more than one buddah image per room (unless you are a museum of antiquities).

As for antiques, some people are superstitious about them and about the residual energy from previous owners. Solution? Clean them thoroughly and remove psychic residue by smudging them with sage or incense. Set new intentions for your antiques to bring you good luck and harmony to your home as you claim them for your own.


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  1. Katy,
    Thanks for putting us out there in your blog…am signing up to get your regular notes and am now reminded that I have fallen off the blogging map since pre High Point!

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