POLLEN: A Sure Sign of Spring!

Was in Washington, DC over the weekend to see the cherry blossoms. They were spectacular and so was the weather. We saw a lot of fine art while we were there, the highlights being 3 world-class exhibitions that I wrote about here.

Can you guess what the square yellow mass on the museum floor is in the picture above? It’s a pile of hazelnut pollen. I kid you not! The artist Wolfgang Laib created this piece and I took a photo of the label just to prove it.

Why anyone would want to collect pollen in mass quantities and call it fine art is beyond me. But I do like the color yellow…and when I came home after two days away I found my car completely covered in pollen from our trees. Is my 10 year old Honda Odyssey more valuable now? When the museums come calling, I’ll let you know! I do know that cleaning the feng shui of your car is helped by keeping it well maintained.

Meanwhile, here’s an old home remedy for pollen allergies: try to eat local honey daily. The bees transform pollen from your neighborhood flora and fauna’s pollen and if you eat it, this should alleviate some of the allergy symptoms. Do you have any remedies you can share with us? Please post!

Cherry Blossom Festival 2010 (c) Katy Allgeyer

There were many bees swarming around the cherry blossoms but I didn’t see any honey vendors in sight. I did however catch a pretty good glimpse of our President Obama driving by in his motorcade. My heart did flutter extra wildly and I can report he was wearing a crisp white shirt without a jacket.

Cherry blossoms 2010. (c) Katy Allgeyer


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2 responses to “POLLEN: A Sure Sign of Spring!

  1. stay inside in an airtight room and never go out.
    i hate my pollen allergy, it ruins every summer without fail. lol.
    goodness me, that turned into a rant.
    nice pictures though

  2. maybe tupperware should start making houses? lol (thanks for posting)

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