What’s wrong with this picture? Since it was taken by reknowned photographer Annie Leibovitz there’s nothing that could possibly be technically wrong with it. But even an old white chick like me is more than slightly embarrassed that Vanity Fair couldn’t come up with even ONE young starlet of color to spice up this lineup of young Hollywood talent. Young and very talented Gabourey Sidibe is up for an Oscar for her breakthrough performance as “Precious” but had too much butt & belly to make this box of beautiful toothpicks. But if skinny’s the rule, and talent the topic, where’s Zoe Saldana, the actress that played Neytiri in only the biggest movie in history (James Cameron’s AVATAR)? Listen up, VF: you’re feng shui is in trouble if you can’t do better than this. We don’t accept this viewpoint of America any more. We want the full rainbow of talent represented else we’re going to stop reading your rag.


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2 responses to “VANITY FAIR WHITE WASH

  1. GREAT post fishgirl! and fantastic suggestions for who could begin to complete this photo shoot. I also thought of Freida Pinto, although she hasn’t been in anything since Slumdog Millionare, she has some new movies comming out soon.

    In a disappointing find I saw this article
    from 2004! asking the same question.
    I saw this article in the magazine, and I wasn’t as observant as you were…but I did think…”I have no idea who half these girls are.” But i guess that was the point…that they are up and comers, but with a lot less press then Gabourey or Zoe…so hmmmm.

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