Need something to remind you that springtime is just around the corner? I found this wonderful tea tray at Harbor Farm recently. It’s pretty and chi-ful and at $12.25 will not break the bank.

My favorite tea is the premium quality Jasmine Pearls that cost and arm and a leg in tea shops. Unless you have a secret source. I used to live nearby to Los Angeles’ Chinatown where I discovered I could buy my tea for half to a third less than the fancy retailers at the mall. Half a pound is $11.00.

Of course, with your tea you need some yummy tea biscuits. Get a dozen from Emily’s for $14.50. The ones shown here are made with green tea but they have other flavors, too.

I like these hand embroidered mini-napkins from Latin Works Co., perfect for tea time, made in Ecuador. Set of 6 on sale for $9.95. Sweet!

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