Here’s some eye candy from the New York Times. This young “street artist” in Offenberg, Germany has truly personalized his space (see more photos) and Feng Shui By Fishgirl could definitely live there. I would tweak the bedroom a little bit to meet feng shui requirements: I wouldn’t push the bed of a grownup into the corner, best to have chi circulating all around, and I’d also like it better if it had some sort of headboard, a platform for the bed, and in general a more finished look to the room (side tables, lamp off the floor, etc for balance). It’s a little too “dorm room” as is and the overall effect of this home is very sophisticated.

But what I LOVE about this home is the use of art and color and the spare uncluttered feel that is NOT stark.

The pink bathroom is also wonderful. If your bathroom is in the Love & Marriage area you may want to consider this look.

All photos from the NYT slide show at this link. What do you like about this space?

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