This loft space has a lot going for it. It’s got natural light on one end, high ceilings, a rectangular even shape, wood floors, and the space is clutter-free almost to a fault. But something is missing. Even though we can’t determine where the Mouth of Ch’i is from this photo–and we need the location to figure out the bagua sector locations–we can still give some suggestions that would greatly improve the feng shui of the space.

The room lacks warmth. There is too much stark white (even the floors look to be white paint or bleached out wood). Solution:

*Add art to the walls. (That hat hung between the windows is not cutting it and besides, it is hung too high!) Add art objects to the top of the storage shelves. Hang a mobile from those high ceilings. Even Tibetan prayer flags would work until you can afford real art.

*Add color to the room via a floor covering. It could be a very vibrant rug or a sisal rug with a subtle color band around the edge. The rug will bring warmth, define the space, and liven the stillness.

*Do something with the windows. Whatever your taste is, there is a window treatment to match it. Adding some fabric drapes in a color appropriate to their bagua location would enhance the feng shui, add visual punch, and warm up the room. Screens or blinds can serve as privacy and decor depending on how you use them.

*Hide the garbage can. I realize they were going for an urban loft feel. But a garbage can is still a garbage can and this one has way too much prominence in this room. I only hope it is not located in the Wealth or Health area. . .

*You’ve got a tall space, bring in a big tree or some hanging plants. Living plants can add so much life to a space if properly placed.

*I would tweak the pot rack over the stove. It could be slightly lower. And the wall behind the stove could be painted a color to define the kitchen as well as give the illusion of a cozier ceiling height.

What would you do?

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