Traditional or contemporary, eclectic or minimalist, neutral or vibrant, your style preference does not affect your feng shui. What does? Your choice of colors, placement, shapes, lighting, and elements do influence your feng shui. Also, keeping your things organized and clutterfree. Setting your intentions for clarity of purpose and life direction also improve your feng shui opportunities.

If you’re planning to redo your interior design, Feng Shui By Fishgirl recommends looking at design blogs and magazines and clipping or printing out the looks you are drawn to in order to determine what style you identify with. Keep a folder filled with your favorite tear sheets. Do this for a few weeks or months before you begin your search for the perfect fabrics, furniture, and paint colors.

The photo here is a cool reno job in a Miami Beach condo. See more pics at Design Sponge, a great resource for inspiration. This photo shows once again a terrific balance of yin (feminine, rounded shapes) and yang (squared masculine shapes). The red accents in the draperies and the art work and dining chairs add fire energy to the feng shui.

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