Plants add life to your home or office space. Breathing living plants are good feng shui because they represent good health, abundance, and they create oxygen for us to breathe, infusing more Qi energy into the air. As feng shui has gained popularity worldwide, Lucky Bamboo has sprung up all over. You can usually find it in any city’s Chinatown but also many nurseries carry it.

Lucky bamboo is not the only plant that is good for your feng shui. All plants are amazing at lifting Qi (energy) but round-leaved plants like the philodendron shown above are optimum because they soften yang (masculine) energy.

If you’re planning to have cacti around your space be sure that you don’t put the sharp spikey plants in your Love & Relationship or your Health areas. Unsure? Go with rounded leaves anywhere in your home or work space. Tip: if you buy your houseplants at Home Depotstores and for some reason they don’t survive, you can take them back for a refund or replacement within 120 days. Now THAT’S good feng shui!

Do you have a green thumb? Post some of your tips for making house plants thrive in the winter season in our comments section below. Thanks!

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