Got odors? You need to get rid of ’em to have good feng shui. If you’ve recently done some interior painting and the chemical smell is driving you crazy, don’t despair. Set up open bowls of coffee beans around the room and within a few days all of the paint smell will be absorbed into the beans. Be sure to discard the beans after this process.

Click here for more natural solutions to removing odors at Apartment Therapy. And if you have any of your own favorite solutions, please share your comments!

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One response to “GET RID OF HOME ODORS

  1. i have tried another thing… i.e. the leaves & flowers of neem tree on ground, i go and daily collect it from the garden.. and crush it.. After this i keep this paste of neem in small boxes(empty matchbox) and kept it in every corner of my house. and it really worked within 2-3days the chemical smell has gone..
    and another use of it is, it works as a kind of roomfreshner..

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