With so many of us under stress and facing uncertainty this holiday season, with our troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, is it wrong to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year? Good question. And I’m sure it’s on the minds of many a corporate manager who is trying to cut corners and tighten the belt during this tough time as well as many of us who used to throw lavish parties at home for our nearest and dearest. I can’t pretend to know what we “should” or “shouldn’t” do. But I do have some suggestions on how to add feng shui chi energy to your space before and after a party.

• Burn some incense. This clears your space of any negative residue. It alters the energy in a room immediately and calms the mind (which is why it is used in Buddhist temples). When people enter your space, they will subconsciously shift into a more receptive mood, hopefully leaving their cares behind for a few hours instead of bringing more stress with them.

• Color my world. By New Year’s everyone’s a little tired of the traditional red and green, however both colors represent great feng shui. Red symbolizes fire and action. Green represents wealth and abundance as well as good health and growing things. Try adding touches of purple, too. Purple enhances good chi for wealth as well as health and spirituality.

• Feed your senses. Good food and libations are essential to celebrating and holiday cheer. But don’t forget to include music to lift the spirits of your guests.

• Clear the air. Now that the party’s over, you want to ensure that the thoughts and concerns of your guests and the highly charged party energy don’t linger in the space. Restore harmony by burning incense again.

• Best intentions. Be conscious of wishing all of your guests well as they get safely home. Visualize prosperity, health, and happiness for your company, your guests, and yourself in 2009. It’s more important than ever that we gather our energy and focus on positive change working together for a brighter tomorrow.

• Have a Happy New Year!

This article by Katy Allgeyer was originally published by Working World Magazine.


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3 responses to “PARTY FENG SHUI

  1. wow, great idea …
    i love the fragrance of incense…
    and thanks for this partying ideas….

    and 1 question ::: can u suggest some food and drinks item like what should be starter and in main food, in drinks etc for party which is also good according to feng shui….. and enlightens the glow of party…????

    • Sure! Try energizing your party by serving food in a variety of colors. IE: colorful punch drinks can be red
      or orange and do not have to be alcoholic to be festive…fruit plates that incorporate all colors, veggie platters that have green broccoli, white cauliflower, orange carrots, red radishes, yellow peppers, etc.

  2. thanks for the suggestion dear…
    as i hate alcohol so there is no chance of it…
    again very much thanks to u.

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