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Have you ever calculated how many hours a week you spend in bumper to bumper traffic? Tally up those hours to see how much of your life you waste in the micro environment known as your car. Unless you work the night shift as a security guard or sit at your home computer telecommuting in your jammies or live in a very rural location there seems to be no way to avoid a minimum of at least eight hours a week in your automobile. For many of us, it’s double that.

Clearly the time we spend in our cars has a big impact on our feng shui. That’s why taking care of your car is not only a matter of personal pride, it’s a matter of personal well being. Your drive to succeed in life can be optimized through applying some feng shui solutions:

1) Regular car maintenance translates into personal safety–which relates to the feng shui Family & Health sector of the bagua.

2) Keeping up appearances with cleaning, waxing, and repairing dents means the resale value on your car remains high–Wealth & Abundance area.

3) Clutter free seats/floors/trunks lets you invite in not only more opportunities to fill those open spaces, but allows you to accommodate a passenger comfortably—Love & Relationship area.

4) Never letting your gas tank fall below half full allows you to be ready to take advantage of spontaneous offers that might come your way: Travel & Helpful People area.

5) Nothing lifts the chi better than your favorite music–Creativity & Future Projects. Or, you may want to try some books on tape or learn a foreign language (Wisdom & Knowledge).

The more chi is circulating freely in your vehicle, the more your mind and spirit are able to free up for brainstorming ideas on how to get where you want to go in life. Instead of thinkig of your commute as hell-on-wheels, try thinking of the drive time as “My Time”. My time to re-energize my personal battery in preparation for my busy day–speaks to the Career area of the bagua, or unwinding at the end of a busy one (tai chi core).


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3 responses to “CAR FENG SHUI

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  2. gf

    I am with you here except for the full gas tank. With the amount I have to drive I fill up every 3 to 4 days when I run it to E. Staying above a half tank would mean near daily trips to the gas station. That, to me, is more of a disruption than being at 3/4 tank for a day.

    • hi gf,
      i think having at least half a tank of gas is a safety measure post 9/11. some folks want to feel like they could get out of town in a hurry if need to. i agree with you that you shouldn’t disrupt your day to fill up, but if you’re passing by a pump anyway why not fill up? cheers!

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