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Can a feng shui consultation work if the feng shui practitioner does not actually visit the location in person? That all depends on the feng shui practitioner. Feng Shui By Fishgirl has successfully analyzed numerous homes and businesses without actually being there. If you want to have an accurate feng shui reading of your space you no longer need to be in the same city as I am.

Long distance feng shui is only as accurate as the person guiding you through the process. With Feng Shui By Fishgirl, you will receive complete instructions on what I need to get the job done right. You will also have my complete support as questions come up long after you’ve received your analysis report.

Contact me for more details and read below what one person had to say about their recent off-site remote consultation from Feng Shui By Fishgirl:

“I had always been very curious about Feng Shui, and had decided that when we bought our own home, I would have a professional assess the layout and flow. When we finally became homeowners a few months ago, I had a terrible time trying to find someone who had enough experience to earn my trust, and most of the consultants used a lot of traditional cures that would not work with our home without seeming very obvious. I serendipitously found Katy’s blog one day, and was hooked- she seemed to go to the core of the philosophy, using and understanding what flow truly was, and explained everything in such a wonderful way that it would not alienate a layman. I contacted her for a consultation, but since I was not in her local area, we decided to go for a long-distance consultation. I was a little hesitant at first, because I thought that being IN the home would be important to get a sense of the energy, but she put all my fears to rest. After receiving some materials from me, she promptly (really, within 2-3 days) send back a written report, with notes on our floor plan. The written report was VERY comprehensive, and I saw that she really “got” the space. Her recommendations were not just “cures”, but aesthetically improved our space, and just made it feel right. The changes we have begun to make have certainly given us results- let me elaborate on one particular case. My husband and I both work for a non-profit company. I work part time, and he is a more senior level employee. In this economy, I received a 15% raise after making changes to our wealth area. My husband also received an unexpected raise AND bonus!
Katy is a wonderful person and a thorough professional. She has always answered my questions promptly, and without any reservations. She is truly amazing and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.”
-SK, Texas

What are YOU waiting for? Contact katyallgeyer@mac.com today!

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