I love discovering new unexpected places in the middle of nowhere, don’t you? We were driving south on a 2 lane country road following a pretty foliage lined river in Pennsylvania near Buck’s County when we passed a grand Italianate mansion and did a doubletake. Turning around, we went back to check it out. They had a lovely garden so we snooped around with our two pups until the lady of the manor, Shirley Cavallo, poked her head out of her kitchen (letting out the most delicious scent as well) to ask us what we were doing in her yard. Well, she then invited us inside to take a peek. I had a tour of her enormous kitchen and her son Rhondo took me upstairs to see the incredible 5 rental rooms, each decorated more fabulously than the next. More castle than casa, the piece de resistance was a turret room with an antique round bed. The feeling I got was funky shui but elegant and old world European. Feng Shui By Fishgirl gives it a thumbs up as definitely a lovely place to spend the night and have a gourmet dinner chez Cavallo’s. You can go there to dine (with reservations) without staying at the hotel but you cannot stay at the hotel without also making a reservation to dine. See more about Shirley and her cooking, her cooking classes, and her hotel at

Have you any “undiscovered gems” to share? Tell us what and where!

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