Billionaire come-back-kid entrepreneur Donald Trump has a Feng Shui consultant advise him on all of his building projects. Oprah’s had her feng shui done, too.Legendary fashion designer Liz Claiborne and her business partner husband Art Ortenberg attributed a great deal of their outstanding success in creating an apparel dynasty to their following of the principles of Feng Shui. Most new buildings in Hong Kong ( like the prestigious Bank of China designed by acclaimed architect I.M. Pei) have to be approved by Feng Shui experts before construction begins.

If that doesn’t convince you that Feng Shui is more than a New Age trend, consider this: the architect of our nations presidential residence, The White House, incorporated the western form of Feng Shui known as “geomancy”. Geomancy, like Feng Shui, is a practice of placement to create harmony and balance and allow the optimum flow of energy.

Photo from unknown source...thanks!

Photo from unknown source...thanks!

How does Feng Shui fit into today’s working world? Especially how can we apply it if we are merely the worker bees and have no control over the actual hives? We can start by focusing on what we DO have control of: ourselves and our own space. At home AND at work.

Even if you are a mail clerk without an office you still occupy a space within your company. Maybe instead of a desk, you have only a locker. Or a cubby shelf. Or a mailbox. Claim that space! Make sure it is going to help bring better opportunities your way instead of blocking your progress. Keeping your space — whether it be desk or locker — very tidy and clean will improve your work life. Making it pleasing to your eye by adding personal touches is fine, as long as they are appropriate to the work setting you are in. IE: You don’t want a pin-up calendar in your cubby, even if nobody ever sees your locker space.

It’s about being your best and doing your best. It’s about keeping a clear open path for opportunity and abundance to find you no matter where on the corporate ladder you are. It’s about creating room for expansion. Just ask Donald Trump.



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  1. kj

    “It’s about keeping a clear open path for opportunity and abundance to find you no matter where on the corporate ladder you are. It’s about creating room for expansion. Just ask Donald Trump. ”

    yeah, but where do you start? this is my problem.

    btw, love the blog!

    • KJ,
      You start with baby steps. Take whatever chunk of time you can spare per day (15 minutes? 30? 45? an hour?) and tackle small tasks such as going through your stack of papers and putting them in a pile one day, sorting through and discarding the next. If you do it all at once you can get bogged down and discouraged. If you do it step by step you will feel more motivation as you begin to clean and clear. Also, I am a big fan of making lists. I have a legal pad with a list of things I must get done each day. Do I finish it? No, but I get satisfaction striking through the tasks I complete and then adding more to update the list. Eventually it does get done and it’s easier than keeping it all in my head. Thanks for the compliments. Good luck and keep me updated on your progress!

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