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Photo from apartmenttherapy.com.

Photo from apartmenttherapy.com.

Here’s an example of what to do if you don’t have a headboard for your bed frame. Bring fabric all the way up behind to the ceiling. You don’t have to be as formal and tailored as this one in the photo. You could drape it over a bar at the top. Or, you could bring it over the bed from the ceiling like a canopy. This is much better feng shui than simply having your bed pushed up against the wall without anything but blank wall over it. It’s also soft, so you don’t have to worry about it falling on you. See more of this house at Apartment Therapy, an excellent design resource online.

Here’s another example of using fabric to create the anchoring effect of a headboard. If you have a canopy frame bed like this one below, bring fabric around only the upper end and sides for a good feng shui solution. the matching sideboards and lamps are also good feng shui.

Pic of Katie & Eddie's/apartmenttherapy.com

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