Having a dream, setting a goal or intention…this is a good start to fulfilling destiny and acquiring good feng shui. But the universe requires more. Setting the intention then adding action is how you attract success. Sometimes the only action we need to do is state our intentions out loud and then write them down in a journal to bring them into the waking realm (ie: “reality”).

Whether or not he believes in feng shui or you believe in him, POTUS described this beautifully in his speech to school children. We must first take responsibility for ourselves, we must then show up and be present, we must keep at it despite failure, we must be willing to do the hard work: Taking Action.

Can you give me some examples from your own life where you’ve desired something and then went after it with the appropriate action and succeeded in your goal, maybe even against all odds? Please comment.

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  1. I am a teacher and as teachers often do, I became totally wrapped up in the job and lacked balance and much of a personal life. So, I took a day off with the intention of creating more balance between my home life and my school life. I spent the day cleaning my apartment from top to bottom. I discovered that in my relationship corner I had a trunk full of stuff from old boyfriends. I bagged it and took it to a dumpster so there would be no going back. I also bought a new picture for that corner – Klimpts “The Kiss.” Then I had a feng shui consultant come to school and do my classroom. Within a year I had reunited with my first kiss and we married a year later.

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