I propose another holiday. This one would be called the Labor Of Love Day. It would honor all those who devote time and Qi (energy) to someone or some project without thought of money. If you agree with me, list someone you know here in the comments section who inspires Labor of Love Day.


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2 responses to “LABOR OF LOVE DAY

  1. Louise Hay started with a tiny booklet and a handful of people in her living room to help people heal their physical and emotional pain. Her movement quickly turned to 100’s of people gathering to hear her message, she was extremely helpful to gay men in Los Angeles in the 1980’s with the AIDS epidemic. She continues to help and inspire people today! Though she does profit from her books, I believe her motivation is absolutely rooted in love.

  2. Military, police and firefighter’s families. These people rarely get the praise they deserve for the sacrifices they too make on our behalf and in support of their service working family members.

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