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Sheri Ruston’s book “Feng Shui Made Simple:Room By Room” manages to condense an overview of feng shui principles in less than 75 pages. That makes it a perfect summer read as well as a timesaver for those looking to implement some feng shui ideas immediately. I asked Sheri (a.k.a. The Flow Doctor) for some tips on how to energize outdoor spaces. Sheri graciously allowed me to share an excerpt from her book:

1. Welcome mats are great for welcoming friends as well as new opportunities to come your way. Or if you prefer, you can hang a welcome sign on your door at eye level.

2. Placing plants and flowers at your front entrance in beautiful, rich-looking containers can give your porch a facelift. Just be sure to stay away from unfriendly cactus or plants with pointed, spiky leaves.

3.A painted front door can uplift the energy outside your home and also dazzle your entrance. A green door symbolizes money, a red door represents good fortune and a purple door signifies spirituality. Or pick a color that you love. If you can‟t paint your door, no need to worry. Just use a welcome mat or a welcome sign to make your entrance inviting.

4. Windchimes are great for circulating the energy outside your home. You can place them anywhere on your property. I have one on my front porch to keep the positive energy ringing in.

5. Water fountains are considered to be lucky elements outside your home. They can be placed in your front or back yard. Since flowing water is associated with money, abundance and prosperity, the water should always flow towards your house. Just make sure that the water stays clean and flowing.

6. If your driveway is on a decline it is said that your money will flow out of your house. A quick fix would be to place big potted plants on either side of the end of your driveway to stabilize your money.

Thanks, Sheri!

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I love owls. Here are two great designs inspired by them. One from east coast, one from west coast. Who? Geoff Warner in Stonington, Maine and Rick Lee in San Francisco. You know where that is.

The Owl Stool by Geoffrey Warner Studio.

The Owl Stool by Geoffrey Warner Studio.

Go to Geoffrey Warner Studio for more information.

Night Owl Lamp by Rick Lee. This is Rick Lee’s Night Owl Lamp. He makes it in a tall standing lamp version, too.

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A photo by Katy Allgeyer that has nothing to do with this post.

A photo by Katy Allgeyer that has nothing to do with this post.

I’m always kinda lazy on Labor Day. It’s winding down now, but I did find a great post on someone else’s blog that listed their picks for top 100 blogs by women. I checked a few out and I think you should, too. Lots of witty, insightful women out there!


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I propose another holiday. This one would be called the Labor Of Love Day. It would honor all those who devote time and Qi (energy) to someone or some project without thought of money. If you agree with me, list someone you know here in the comments section who inspires Labor of Love Day.


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