I’m tempted to give up my recipe for coconut macaroons here on my blog. But only if there’s genuine interest…I’m thinking at least 99 people otherwise I’m not sharing. Yes, I’m one of those kinds of people. Sorry. Weigh in now with your vote on my poll (weighing in after eating is your own business). Check in later to see if I posted my recipe (or post your own recipes here).


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4 responses to “BEST MACAROONS EVER

  1. I am officially expressing genuine interest!!

  2. As of 9/10/09 we’ve got 26 yeses and 2 noes. I made a batch today and they sure were yummy…

  3. 29 yeses and 2 noes as of 9/25/09….all you yeses gotta get your friends to vote, too! 😉

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