This is my art studio/gallery in Maine. Click on the link to see more photos.

We took the original 1929 garage and turned it into a working studio and art gallery space for showing and selling art. Replaced the garage door with salvaged glass windows and a glass door, added 2″ thick salvaged oak wide plank flooring, added more windows and a main entry door on the side, put in a wrap around deck, added barnboard and sheetrock to the walls for hanging art. We even found a great room divider: the original front desk from a landmark hotel in Rockland, Maine. It has a glass countertop with display case visible to the gallery and storage cubbies on the studio side where I keep my canvases and other supplies.

The studio portion has plenty of light with the floor to ceiling windows. My easel is located in the Creativity & Future Projects area–a perfect place to paint. The main display area runs from the Wealth area to the Fame area to the Love area. In the Wisdom & Knowledge area I have a display of 9 paintings. The bagua can be overlaid on them so that each painting corresponds to a feng shui position. Interestingly, I have found that paintings in the Fame area and the Love area of this 9 painting grid have sold best. Within the entire gallery, the Wealth area also has been a great location and paintings placed there do not stay with me very long.

What does your studio look like?


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  1. fiddleheadfilly

    My “art studio” is out-of-doors, but basically holds a relationship area of two trees (entwined); a wealth corner which butts up to very generous neighbors and is embelished with a tall Tamarack tree (we are in Northern Michigan); a career area upholding a winding driveway in which we had one very bright American Goldfinch today; and a maintained Dependents’ Health area resting a boulder. The travel corner is too busy for us — bracing US Highway 23, really, and the knowledge area needs attention — excuse me —

    • My LA studio had 3 freeways intersecting just beyond our loft building. Strangely, all that rushing Qi really inspired great creativity and I slept like a baby. Thanks for your comments, FHF!

    • lobby

      what a lucky fishka isa you a ,what nice spot and layed out poifect huggy wuggy lucky fishka….

  2. I love your studio. I keep telling my husband I just want to add a double car garage to the backyard, it doesn’t have to be fancy, just have space and light. I can feel the good vibes of your studio. My personal journey is, after the studio is a reality, and the excuses are gone, will I paint?
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Christi,
      If you have the desire to paint and create, you will find a way to do so. I began my painting career in a small apartment in Venice Beach, CA and I was working 4′ x 5′ canvases there in a tiny kitchen. When we moved to Maine I had a tiny porch for my studio until we converted the garage. If you feel blocked creatively, look to your feng shui and see where you may need to make some changes to get started painting. Thanks for posting!

  3. What a dreamy place to create. I bet Isa is jealous.

  4. OMG!!! Saw a snake (ok, so it was a harmless little garter snake) slither across the studio floor planks today and when I tried to grab him to put him outside, he was too fast for me and went down a small crack in the floor!!! I’m not afraid of snakes but I am worried he might get crushed as the planks rest on concrete original garage floor. We’re having an art opening reception this Saturday and there will be more feet walking the planks than usual. Watch out, buddy!

  5. How do you heat it? We are building an art studio from the detached garage, but I am worried about it being cold.

  6. Sabina,
    Thanks for commenting at Feng Shui By Fishgirl. The studio shown here is unheated as it is a seasonal only business in summer. However, we’ve discussed installing a woodstove or pellet stove in a corner if we needed heat. 🙂

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  8. Fishgirl, I am going to be designing my art studio from the ground up here in Eureka, Nevada- it will have a basement, middle floor and top floor – 30 x 30 each level. There’s a road behind me but in front of me (About two acres away)- there’s highway 50 and then mountains on three sides, at a distance. Can you please send me your design consulation fees? I have studied feng shui but not to the extent you have. It has always served me well.
    This will also be my gallery also, and I want a kitchen and a bed there as well as a large sink and two bathrooms. My husband’s office will also be there but we work together. I also write and do historical research. My painting emphasis is mostly abstract but I plan to work with metal (since there is so much around). I like to experiment with a variety of mediums. I will probably start digging the basement next spring. The outside of the studio will be cement wall slabs covered with tin on the outside to resemble an old mining building. I plan to use as much recycled material as I can. Also, lots of windows.

    I’m getting your blog at my other site but please email me your fees at Bayoutoes@aol.com or ask as many questions as you need to know. Thank you.

    • Hi there i am travelling thru the forth ofjuly holiday without internet access to my office but will be back innmy office then to reply fully to your post with consult rates etc. Thanks

      Sent from my Kindle Fire

      • Thank you! We have similar schedules and I do understand. I will be leaving here to return to California and then fly down to Louisiana myself. I look forward to hearing from you whenever you have internet access.

      • Darlene

        Just saw the photo of your studio. We are in the process of finishing my little 12×12 art studio. Due to the help of a neighbor and funding it is MUCH smaller than I had wanted when it was originally supposed to be built 30 years ago. LOL. But we’ve done all the work and at least it is a reality now. I don’t have has many windows as I wanted since we live on 23 acres in Eastern WA state and I want to be able to use it all year. Hope to post some photos in & out when it’s closer to finished.
        Love the feng shui!

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  10. I love the descriptions of your studios, and feng shui tips! I found your posts looking for ideas for a student in the Intentional Creativity training program, who just recognized a space in her home she can repurpose!
    My studio is currently in a tiny dining nook, and I eye my garage wistfully!

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