This ultra hip day bed is from Carol Gregg for red egg.

This ultra hip day bed is from Carol Gregg for red egg.

I love the idea of a daybed…lounging around eating bonbons, mid-day trysts with my dashing lover, catnaps on cushions in wintertime with a cup of cocoa…daybeds conjure those fantasies as well as others I’ll keep to myself, thank you. This one by Red Egg designer Carol Gregg has made me drool for some time now. For some other ideas for more practical uses and less luxurious versions, check out this post at Ohdeedoh.com.


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2 responses to “DREAMY DAYBEDS

  1. Hello! Just discovered your blog. Very interesting. My question is about trundle beds. I know that it’s best to keep under a bed clear, how about a mattress for a trundle? We have an office/guest room and I would really like to put a daybed with a pop up trundle under it. I find it is much easier for guests to sleep comfortably in two twins than one full. We currently have a full futon and it’s not great for my parents. Now that I have a king sized bed, I hate to subject anyone to a full. Thoughts?

    • Trundle beds are fine. It’s storing items under them that have negative connotations (ie: clutter, weapons, artwork with images that are unhappy, anything that doesn’t belong there and is clogging the circulating air) that is feng shui taboo. Good luck!

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