Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Russian.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Russian.

Can you analyze the feng shui feel of a town by looking at its skyline? I took a look at our town and this is what I saw. Stonington, Maineis a shore front town at the very bottom tip of Deer Isle, and island in the downeast section of Maine’s mid coast region.

Applying the bagua map to the photo shown here, you’ll see that the Opera House building anchors the Wealth sector. While the Opera House Arts is a beacon of creativity and artistic endeavors, it also relies on the donations of benefactors to keep it alive. The building is painted a deep teal green color—excellent for attracting money to the Wealth area.

Now move to the center of the photo just beyond the lush trees. This would be the Fame & Reputation sector on the bagua map. What do you see here? A structure with 3 pointed roof lines that seem to form triangles and a 4th triangle at the top and a 5th below it from another building. Triangles are associated with the Fame & Reputation sector. This is very auspicious for the town as more publicity about Stonington brings more visitors here to our local businesses.

The yellow building marks the beginning of the Love & Relationship sector. Here we’ve got two similar mansard roof buildings side by side as if a pair or a couple of lovers. Note the red roof. Red activates Love & Relationship (and so does the color white).

Stonington is fronted by a large harbor (even better than a water fountain, LoL!) that sustains the island’s fishermen and their families. On the bagua it covers the Wisdom & Knowledge, Career, and Travel & Helpful People sectors. Water naturally enhances Career. And, the town does rely on travelers.

Methinks all this adds up to good feng shui for Stonington. We welcome visitors so what are you waiting for?

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