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WATER WORKS: Feng Shui Networking Methods To Attract Opportunities

Stock photo from tommyimages.com

Stock photo from tommyimages.com

Competition for available jobs has never been fiercer. We all need that extra somethin’-somethin’ to set us apart from the crowd. Feng Shui might give you that extra edge.These Feng Shui techniques bring movement (water energy) into your life, improving your chances in the working world. The idea is to cast your net wide into the sea of

Make a point of contacting at least one different person a day for 27 days in a row. They should be someone you know from your past that you’ve had no contact with for at least six months. Think former employers and colleagues, classmates, teachers, former clients…anyone, even relatives that you’ve lost touch with counts!

The contact can be by phone, e-mail or letter. The point is to reach out to that person in an upbeat way without expectation or requesting any favors. Avoid all negative conversation or complaints.If an opportunity–social or business–should come as a result of your communication, do not turn it down. (IE: if the person invites you to her son’s bar mitzvah, go! If a job is being offered, go on the interview even if you decide later on not to take the position).

TIP: Three people per day in 27 days increases your odds!

Instead of contacting people you know, this time you must make a point of meeting (face 2 face) nine new people each day for nine consecutive days. Names must be exchanged in order to fulfill the
requirement. Even better, exchange business cards and phone numbers if possible. People you meet on line at the grocery count. So does your postal worker if you’ve never asked him his name.

For both methods, it’s important to note that if you miss a day, you need to start all over again. It takes a lot of courage to practice these two Feng Shui techniques. You’re well on your way to creating a network of opportunity as well as developing your personal confidence and charisma. Create your own luck and you’ll have the Feng Shui By Fishgirl advantage!

(Have you tried this method? Share your results!)

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No celebrity could be more “high maintenance” than Paris Hilton.
Watching Paris–the girl who has everything– on the
“The Simple Life” struggle to comprehend what having less
of everything is like for the common folk was hilarious. What the show
didn’t really convey, however, is that there are some advantages
to having less material things around to deal with.

Photo courtesy of babble.com

Photo courtesy of babble.com

In Feng Shui terms, less is more. Less clutter translates to more
room for opportunity to come in. Having less ‘stuff’ also means
having less things to worry about . The less we worry, the less
stress we have in our lives. Just as it’s crucial to keep up with
our own health, it’s important to keep our ‘stuff’ in good working
order to maintain the health of our Feng Shui.

Ever notice how things seem to break down all at once? Light bulbs,
smoke detector batteries, computers, printers, fax machines, cars…
as soon as you find out you have one thing to replace or repair, another one crops up almost simultaneously. As a rule, good Feng Shui dependson having things in tip-top shape. If you have a broken clock or watch, for example, this is very symbolic of opportunities frozen in time. Many people have antique clocks in their homes that are no longer working. The solution is to get them tick-tocking again a.s.a.p.


1. Look for any broken items around your home and office.
Take them in to be fixed or toss ‘em and get new ones.

2. Surround yourself with things that you truly love. If you have any negative feelings towards furniture and equipment in your office, replace them whenever possible.

3. Backup your computer data and delete junk files regularly for
clutter-free efficiency. Get memory upgrades to handle your workload.

4. Keep a replenishable supply of light bulbs, batteries, and printer inks, handy.

5. Maintaining your auto should be automatic: check tires, wipers, oil each month.

6. Take care of your eyes, teeth, and body. Schedule doctor
appointments 6 months in advance. You’re worth it,
and as Paris says, “That’s hot!”.

What stuff do you need to throw out? Do your inventory and let us know what you tossed!

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PORTABLE FENG SHUI:Make your own feng shui travel kit

Many of us travel frequently for business purposes if not for pleasure. Whether it’s an extended stay at a corporate suite or an overnighter at a Motel 6 ®, there’s much that could be done to improve both the “home away from home” quality and the positive feng shui vibe of our traveler’s accommodations. Even the luxury hotels or villas we may splurge for during our vacation time can stand some feng shui TLC. Here’s my recipe for a portable feng shui kit you can assemble yourself.
If there is a large building or dominant structure directly opposite your room’s window, you’ll want to counteract the negative effects by hanging a feng shui solution to deflect the harmful draining ch’i. A bagua mirror faced outward would work, but, it’s much easier to find and to carry a small faceted crystal which serves just as well. Your crystal should be hung from a 9” red cord (simple red thread is fine). I suggest your kit contain at least three crystals so that you may employ one at your temporary office space, if needed, and/or in case you forget one when you check out and move on to your next destination.
Hotel rooms are continually turning over to new tenants. Residual psychic energy—positive or negative– is deposited each time a new occupant claims the space. To clear the space upon arrival, you’ll want to use a stick of incense. It’s much smaller and more convenient for traveling than carrying a sage smudging stick. Light the incense, begin at the entry door to your room and waft the smoke in as you circle the room in a clockwise direction. Set the intention to cleanse the ch’i and claim the space for yourself while you live there.
Your kit should contain a candle, too, preferably a red one. Tea lights work well and are small enough to transport and there are plain or scented versions. Place it in the far left corner from the entry door for good luck with money and a successful trip.

3 crystals on 9″ red cords
A few sticks of incense
Small red tea lights or votive candles
Matches or lighter

Bon voyage!

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