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I would have thought this sign hilarious but for the Confederate flag that was also displayed on this deep south property. I shot the photo with a zoom lens and left the car running…

Are signs such as this merely unfriendly or are they negative feng shui? I would classify them in the same category as doormats with sayings such as “Go Away!” (yes, these “novelty” rugs do exist). They can be humorous but they carry a message that repels opportunity from the home’s occupants. “WELCOME” is a much more positive signal.

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The artist Maya Lin unveiled her “Wave Field” at Storm King Art Center in April. Don’t let my bootleg photo fool you: it is absolutely breathtaking. This permanent installation molds acres of land into precise waves recreated based on mathematical calculations. There’s also an exhibition of recent works by Ms. Lin that is not to be missed (you have until September to drive one hour north of NYC to see it). Storm King has the largest collection of supersize sculptures from artists such as Richard Serra, Mark DiSuvero, and Louise Nevelson to name but a few. A snakey rock wall by Andy Goldsworthy disappears into a pond only to re-emerge climbing a hill nearby to the Wave Field. Does the Wave Field change the feng shui of the landscape? Yes, it does. And one needs only to stand inside of it to feel the enormously positive chi energy it has created. You’ll recall that Ms. Lin was also the brainchild behind the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. I am in awe of her talent.


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