SHA SHA SHA SHATTERED: Can feng shui stop the breaking glasses?

Photo courtesy of Wii Have A Problem

Photo courtesy of Wii Have A Problem

I recently got an intriquing email from someone I will call “J”. It made me recall an earlier incident I had with my own feng shui. On a lighter note, check out the “Wii Have a Problem” blog—it’s a hilarious look at one household’s problems with breaking glass via Wii.
Hi Katy,

I hope this finds you well. Just this evening I happened upon your blog and it’s just great! I am an Interior Designer with an Architect hubby and we are really curious about Feng Shui. Also, we recently moved into a new house. Well, it’s not really very new; built in 1961 with one previous owner who died in the house.

So, I have had an interesting problem since we moved in. We, and mainly myself, keep breaking glass. More glass has been shattered in the 2 months we’ve been here than I think I have EVER had in my lifetime.

Is there some kind of clearing I can do?

I know this is a quirky problem but I’d really appreciate your input.


Here’s what I wrote back:
Hi J,
The good news is you already know the root cause of the problem (the previous owner died in the house). Yes, there are space clearing methods that can be done. When dealing with this type of problem
it is best to use a professional because whenever dealing with paranormal energy, you are dealing with the occult and portals that are opened need to be closed properly so that no harm comes to anyone as a result of trying to cure the problem.

That being said, I had a very similar experience when I moved into a loft in downtown LA a few years ago. The first 3 months I was there, I was dropping and breaking glasses (and so were guests) and this had never happened to me before. I actually felt something pushing my hand to knock a glass over.

Through research and synchronicity–and oddly enough my own dreams and the dream of an overnight guest– I discovered and confirmed at the library that the original use of the building was a bootleg saloon back in the roaring twenties during prohibition.

Spirits will often seek out those that are sensitive to knowing their presence or seeing them. IE: others could live in your house and may never have the same problems you do because they are “immune” / unconscious and unreachable. Sometimes children will be the way the spirits will come in because children are more open and don’t have defenses up. You must be particularly susceptible. I should ask: has there been any recent activity that may have indicated you accidentally invited the ghost to show up? IE: playing Ouija board, reading tarot cards, having a psychic or astrology reading at your home or over the phone from your home…even telling ghost stories can sometimes trigger paranormal portals to open.

Are the incidences still occurring since you wrote to me May 28th? Do they happen at certain times of day or at any time randomly? Does the glass shattering happen in one location or many in the home? Please get back to me and I’ll give you more information.


Thank you for getting back to me. I’m in a rush and will have to keep it a bit short, but so excited to talk to you about this!!

The glass has continued to break, same spot in the house and usually by me. It’s in the kitchen which happens to be in the Marriage corner of the house – feng shui. Not at any particular time of day, but it never happens at night for some reason.

The area used to be a farm and other than the previous owner dying, nothing i know of has happened on the land, except for finding the neighbors dead bunny rabbit while i was gardening. i’m hoping this is random.

i pulled out my tarot cards only once and that was just a few days ago. no other invitations. that being said, i’ve always had a, “touch of the gift” as i call it, so i think that’s why i’m picking up on things.
i’m having the house cleared professionally very soon. i’ve felt it needed it since we moved in and just haven’t had the time.

Dear J,
I’m glad you are hiring a pro. I hope you got good references as there are a lot of inexperienced people out there. If they are a feng shui expert, expect to receive a space clearing that involves smoke (sage or incense), possibly a sound cure (Tibetan bells, for example, or loud clapping), intentions for banishing and clearing the space, as well
as a final blessing when space is cleared. A feng shui person will use sacred hand mudras and incantations specific for clearing this residual ghost energy. Good luck!

When you work with your tarot cards, it’s always best to do a formal open and close. Here’s what I do:
Light a candle. Ask for your guides to come in to help you read as well as protect you and any others present from harm.
(Your guides can include your angel, animal, ancestor guides etc. ) If you’re reading for someone else, ask permission for
their guides to help and protect all concerned as well. Do your reading as usual. When finished, do a completion/closing
by thanking all guides for their help and protection. Then blow out the candle and put away the cards. Do not leave them
casually lying around.

I am counting on “J” to let us know how her professional space clearing went. Have you ever had problems with breaking glass? Comment please, I’d like to hear from you.


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26 responses to “SHA SHA SHA SHATTERED: Can feng shui stop the breaking glasses?

  1. j

    Hi, yes I am also a “J” and I’m also having a problem with breaking glass. My husband, my daughter and I recently moved back into a house that we had been renting out. After about 2 months of living here I had broken many drinking glasses and my husband had broken a few also. Then I fell and landed on a very expensive solid glass coffee table. The table legs broke off but the large piece of glass did not break. So, my husband moved it to the side, out of the way, until it could be repaired. After about a week I was sitting with a glass of juice and I dropped the glass and it landed on the large heavy piece of glass from the coffee table and shattered it. It was like that glass was going to break no matter what. I have continued to break drinking glasses and now we only have a few left. I have also heard my name being whispered in my ear. It really scared me but it only happened one time when I was alone. I consider myself very intuitive and I’m sensitive to energy’s and such. We don’t do tarot cards or anything like that but we do watch ghost stories and the show ghost hunters a lot. Could this have an effect? We were thinking about burning sage or I think it is a smudge stick? We live in a small town and I doubt we can find a professional. I was going to order the sage on-line. What do you think? Can we do it ourselves?


    the other “J”

    • Cynthia

      I have also been breaking a great deal of glass for the last several months and it is quite puzzling. I have NOT just moved in to this house; most of the breakage occurs in the kitchen. I have had a very tough past 4.5 years since moving to this state and into this house (from a house problem standpoint, career, money, relationships, you name it). I have been in the process (psychically and spiritually) of letting go of the old and starting anew and manifesting good. I am a positive person but have been greatly challenged these past years.

      So, what does breaking a lot of glass mean in that context? As far as I recall it has mostly been clear glass, drinking glasses, wine glasses, even bowls.

      • Hi Cynthia,
        Thanks for posting to my blog. I need more information from you in order to give you accurate advice. I’d have to do a complete feng shui analysis for you (that I can do for you via off-site consultation if you decide to do it) in order to accurately diagnose your problem. I would begin by asking you detailed questions about your life and your habits and about the house and how you arrived there, I would examine the floorplan and photos you give me, and then I would give you a written assessment along with plans to solve the feng shui problems you are having. Please email me if you are interested.

        That being said, just based on your comments here, I would advise you to do a thorough smudging/space clearing of your space by yourself. Email me and I’ll guide you through it.

  2. Hey I discovered your site by luck on ask while searching for something totally irrelevant but I am really pleased that I did, You have just earned yourself another subscriber. 🙂

  3. Stefan Huber

    Dear all,

    We have a similiar problem. My wife is pregnant in her 7,5 month and since, say, two month, we break every day glasses in the whole appartement. We live here for at least 1,5 years and before nothing happened.
    I have to say that we live in Moscow in a house build for the Central Commitee of the Soviet Union in the 60’s. Sort of the Congress of Soviet Union.
    Do you have an idea, what we can do? Thanks for your advice.

    • Stefan I’m not sure if I ever answered your comment….but I would suggest also a very good space clearing method. Use a sage smudgestick or some incense and waft the smoke
      around your apartment in a clockwise position, beginning with the entry door. You will want to fully concentrate on banishing all the energy that does not belong to you and your
      wife and child. You will claim the space as your own while banishing the old Central Committee energy from your space. Try 3 times around the space. You may need to repeat it
      9 x or 27 x to get rid of the disturbing energy. Let me know what happens.

  4. sarah

    I just found your website by way of apartment therapy. I had a similar experience yesterday. I rencently moved into (sept 1) a new tiny apartment. It is in a building build in 1912. The space is a challenge becuase it is so small, but I am excited for that. I have too much stuff and need the challenge to get rid of more.
    So yesterday my maintenance man installed a door on my bedroom. Soon after they left, i closed the door and it caused something near it to fall and knock over a pottery statue (that I loved) I was startled (since the art that fell hit me, but not hard and it didnt break as a result) and a bit sad, but happy as well. I looked at it as my stuff helping me to make the hard decluttering decisions. then later when i returned home from work, something else fell and broke my glass teakettle that was also special. then later that night my boyfriend and i were moving the tiny futon I was borrowing and in the process it broke too! then a large frame that was hanging on the wall fell when I opened the closet door next to it.
    what do you think about all this? I think its sort of funny, but i am not able to relax at all at my house yet.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Banging into things and knocking them over could simply be a result of the space being too tiny. Or not. I’d try space clearing
      with a sage smudger to banish residual energy from the previous tenants and that should calm the qi down. If it doesn’t after
      3 x smudging, you might need a professional clearing to rid you of the disturbances.

      • sarah

        thanks Katy,
        before i moved in I burned sage to clear the space, but I will try it again since there is a new (old) door installed.

  5. mina

    I had a glass bowl filled with water and a bamboo in it with some pebbles for 2 year in my living room down stairs. No ine is ever in there it’s just a spear living area. . Woke up this morning and found the bowl broken in two equal parts as if some one slashed a sword thorught it.. anyone have any suggestion as to what it could mean. Please help.

    • It could be just a crack in the glass that finally gave way. Unless it happens repeatedly (ie: if you replace the bowl and it happens again!) I would not worry about it too much. Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

  6. Joanna

    This week I have a problem with glass breaking in different parts of the house and even in someone else’s house when we were collecting something, a frame got smashed. Is there too much qi energy in the house. It’s an old Victorian house and recently I opened it up a bit to let some light in and put in a windchime to stop the energy flowing out too quickly.

    • Joanna,
      Yes there could be too much qi energy. Or, you could have residual energy from past (especially since it’s an old Vic house). Do you know what the history of the house is? That’s a good place to begin your research. I once lived in a space with this problem and I discovered there was a speakeasy in the building during prohibition with brawls etc–the bar was right where my glasses kept shattering! You might discover a ghost of someone who died in the house or the house could have been built over a Native American graveyard…anything is possible but no need to despair. Do a thorough smudging of the property and reclaim the space for yourself!

  7. KP

    I too have had odd experiences with broken glass. They seem to be happening more frequently. I have lived in my apartment for over a year and have just recently noticed strange frequent events. I have 2 cats and its possible that they may be responsible for some of it, but I am almost never around to see it break until its already broken. I have a window in my living room and there is a large chunk I noticed gone from the bottom left hand corner and I have stared at it trying to figure out how it was broken so clean and not shattered. It seems like the cats wouldn’t have mad such a clean break. I have some ceramic items around the house to that I am always trying to glue back together. 2 weeks ago the back window was broken out of my car and last week I broke a mirror. I do smudge my apartment every couple of months but I am not a professional and I simply do it to state my intentions for what I would like present in my life. Did I do something wrong? I don’t consider myself psychic, but I am a scorpio who is pretty intune with certain intuitions. I can feel when something is going to happen and I have been geting better at this lately. I can also see my aura..I have yet to master on others.Please help!!

    • KP,
      Try stepping up the smudging to every day. Walk in a clockwise direction wafting the smoke in every area of your home. State the intention that you are banishing all energy that does not belong to you and your cats, send all energy that is not yours and your cats to The Creator (or whatever your belief system is in that regard). Say it loud and forcefully and with conviction, as though you were angry to have a pile of debris in your space and you want it OUT and you want it out NOW! It may take up to 9 days in a row or even 27 and it may stir up the energy a bit before it actually works. Try this and let your intuition guide you always. Good luck and keep us posted. (If this helped you, please consider donation to my blog. Namaste).

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  9. Robert

    I have had the shatterd glass thing going on lately and it is quite exposive actually. I had a glass cutting board , which I left on a glass top cook stove I put it there and some pots on it as my cat kept jumping up and I was worried about her getting her paws burned. One day it shattered and expoded, interestingy enough my cat was watching from another room and either of us never got injured . I know I shouldnt hav done this and have learned from it , but still shattered glass . This was a Sunday. On the same week ( last night) thursday. I locked myself out of the house , I have many times crawled in through the window and no problem . This time it shattered . What is interesting is one was outside , where it was cold . The other was inside when it was hot … in both cass an accident . Forgot keys and glass on stovetop and in both cases I should hav been seriously harmed and was not . Feed back ????. I am not in a financial position to have a professional deal with this – any advise , tools for me to us …

    • Hi Robert,

      Thank you for your interest in Feng Shui By Fishgirl!

      Please feel free to use my ” donate” button for any amount, even $3.00 if you feel my blog has helpful information for you. The law of reciprocation is a very powerful tool…..helps you to be mindful ofyourprosperity insteadof coming from a place of lack ( ” im notin a financial position” is a negative message to the universe while giving whatyou can, even a dollar, shows respect for all concerned).

      In answer to your question. My sense is you are not grounded and presentin your body. You are a bit absent minded. I dont feel any spirit energy at work here but a sage clearing is always helpful. And start practicing the Calming Heart Sutra to ground yourself. Search for it on my blog. Im away from home with my terminally ill husband , see
      Good luck!

  10. Ritchie

    Hi a few weeks ago me am girlfriend decided that we need space and need to set up separate living in two flats in order to give each the space. In the process of clearing out our flat I whilst cleaning tired to move the glass dining table which shattered in into tiny pieces

  11. Hi I would like to ask what’s the meaning I have wine glass in front of me because we’re having a dinner. And I will put the food in the center I hit the wine glass and fell in the table it broke the wine glass ,what’s the meaning of hit?

  12. CJ

    Hi Fishgirl,
    I happened to stumble across this thread after multiple accounts of me accidentally breaking glass in my home. It started happening more recently, and seems to only be happening to me in the home. My dog of 13 years passed away this Christmas at home, and I have been extremely sad about it, but could they be related? I’ve always kept an open mind of the paranormal, but don’t think I have any occurrences. Could my dog’s spirit not have passed over? If I cleanse the home, would it have a negative impact on my dogs spirit?

    I’m sorry about all the questions. This is the first time I reached out to anyone about the subject.

    Thank you,

    • Hello CJ,
      Thank you for posing this interesting question and for visiting Feng Shui By Fishgirl.
      Yes, I believe the incidents are most likely related to your beloved pet’s passing. I don’t know if it is your dog’s spirit that is causing this…it is just as likely that the buildup of your sorrow is creating a negative or slightly capricious energy around you that leads you to break the glass. By cleansing and smudging your home you will be improving the feng shui by removing this residual energy. If your dog’s spirit is there, too, it will help them cross over to the other side. Set the intention as you cleanse– you can banish all energy that doesn’t belong in your home (say this out loud) and also say “I bless (name your pet) and send love and light to (your pet) so they can find their way to their rightful place”. Let me know if the glass breakings continue or stop after you do this. Best of luck to you, Fishgirl

      • CJ

        Thank you very much for replying back Fishgirl. I’ll give it a try. Any recommendations or resources for learning more about cleansing/smudging? I’m really new to all this.
        Many thanks,

    • CJ– Here is a link to all my blog posts about space clearing:

      If you have found my help in answering your questions today useful, please note there is a Donations button on my front page where you can make a donation to Feng Shui By Fishgirl in any amount via PayPal. I thank you for your contribution in advance.

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