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A loved one was recently in and out of the hospital 3 x in two months. Most hospitals do NOT have feng shui energy flow in mind when they are designed. Usually, quite the opposite–depressing drab colors, utilitarian fabrics, and mediocre art prints (if any) abound.

It’s hard to stay cheerful in that environment and a good positive attitude is needed for healing. Solution? Bring your own good chi to decorate your patient’s room.

In the photos here, you’ll see balloons that were brought in from the hospital gift shop (one of them was a musical balloon). I also had a bottle of soap bubbles on hand to amuse my patient.

But the most appreciated idea was printing out 8 x 10 glossy photos on my home printer of people and places and art work and pets that my loved one loves. I took a hole puncher and punched 5 holes across the top of each photo. Then I strung together up to 9 photos with red curling ribbon (it’s indestructible and cheaper than fabric ribbons). I was able to tie off the ribbons onto the curtain rods and room dividers in the hospital room. The effect was kind of like Tibetan prayer flags draped all around the room.

Many of the hospital staff came in to comment on how much they liked it and how much better it was for the patient to be surrounded with this type of inspiration. Usually, they said, only children’s rooms get this type of attention. What ideas have you used to cheer up someone with an illness?

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Furnishings by Oly

Here’s a very glam bedroom from manufacturer “Oly” as seen at High Point International Furniture Market this weekend. The combination of shapes includes round and square, soft and angled, great relaxing colors all add up to great feng shui.

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