Part of feng shui consulting is to recognize, sense, and remove “psychic residue” that can leave an imprint on your environment. These invisible impressions can remain for a long period of time. Long after the original occupant has vacated the premises, the impact of their ch’i can be felt on the current residents. It’s what I call a ch’i hangover, and it’s byproduct can result in headaches of all kinds for the successive tenants.

These subtle energies can be recognized by anyone who has prepared herself properly and expressed a willingness to find out what is there.
When my mind is distracted by chatter, it’s quite difficult to perceive
the ch’i hangover. If I take the time to clear my mind and just be calm
and centered, it’s easier to “tune in” and become aware of the clues
each space is offering for my inspection.

One of my most interesting Feng Shui cases was a client who owned an
11,000 square foot building in Los Angeles. It was the largest space
that I had ever feng shuied up to that point and I was understandably
nervous that the size of the space would be intimidating.

The client’s business was fulfilling post production film editing for
the motion picture industry. When I first entered the building, I was
impressed by the modern glass brick facade that curved outward and rose the full two story height of the structure. There was a grand staircase that spiraled down from the second floor as I walked into the lobby area. All in all, it was hip and streamlined and exactly matched what I had expected a company dealing in the film industry to look like. After a brief tour of the ground floor, I sat down for a few minutes
with my client in his office determining what his concerns were before
we would move on to inspect the building space completely. During this interview, I asked him a routine Feng Shui question…

“Have you always owned this building, and if not, do you know who owned it before?”

….while inside my head I was hearing the word “MORTUARY!”. I wondered if I was intuitively picking up some psychic residue, but, my rational mind was resisting it and I thought silently to myself “There’s no way this building could be a mortuary—a mortuary doesn’t have glass blocks and a spiral staircase!”

The client went on to say that his company had occupied the premises for about eleven years and that another well known film company had owned the building before that. I nodded and took some notes while silently thinking to myself, “Well, that’s a relief!”. Meanwhile, I tried not to look distracted while inside my head I kept hearing “MORTUARY!” becoming louder and louder.

It was difficult to keep my composure, however, when the next words out of my client’s mouth were, “So, there have only been two film companies here since they stopped using this building as a mortuary.”
Not only was this a vital clue as to the condition of the ch’i in this
space, it was a valuable lesson to me: things are not always what they
seem. So put all preconceived notions aside before entering any site
and always trust your intuition which flows from your connection to
The Source.

Meanwhile, some of you may be wondering what the impact of occupying a space that once served as a mortuary would be on your Feng Shui. Besides the obvious notion that a mortuary would be filled with “dead” ch’i /energy, there is the serious implication of disembodied spirits remaining at the location. Have you ever felt a ghost in your home or office? Tell me your story!


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2 responses to “GHOST STORY

  1. margotmarrakesh

    What an interesting story! But I was just waiting to hear what you DID about this energy….can you finish the story?

    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

  2. The client and I resolved the situation with space clearing techniques that included ritual sound cures, sage smudging, a blessing ritual and re-setting the chi for the new purpose of the space (post production film).

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