photo courtesy of www.remarc.com

photo courtesy of http://www.remarc.com

As an artist, I admire nature’s handiwork and seek inspiration from it. There’s a certain morbid beauty in death and the many forms that it takes. It’s all part of the natural cycle of life. And I’m kind of okay with the vase of dried weeds shown above because it appears to be in an outdoor setting. But as a feng shui consultant, I am always aware of the impact our emotional response to symbolism plays on energy. Dead plants and dead flowers connote dead or dying Qi (lifeforce). If feng shui is your goal, surround yourself with fresh cut flowers and living plants and replace them when they’ve shriveled up. Or, use faux silk flowers and foliage that create the illusion of lush living plants (but remember to dust them off). It’s okay to get whimsical in your approach to decorating with plants, especially in the Creativity & Future Projects area. The “Skyplanter” shown below actually has a living plant in it.
Photo courtesy of http://www.gearfuse.com

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