India is wired!

India is wired!

I challenge you to take inventory of all the electrical and techno gadgets you are surrounded by at this very minute. Go on, count ’em! Computer, printer, scanner, computer peripherals, telephone, cell phone,electric pencil sharpener, paper shredder, halogen desk light, overhead flourescent lighting…that’s at least ten items already. If you’re an artist or craftsman or mechanic, you’re working with major tools, too.Your feng shui is affected by all that extra ch’i (energy), big time!

Each of these appliances emits an electrical energy field. That’s why you get static build up on your computer screen from time to time. Being around all that electrical energy at first is very stimulating to the human body. After awhile, the buzz wears off and you’re left feeling drained. That’s when you reach for the fifth cup of joe or Red Bull and the caffeine does the same thing: picks you up, then lets you down. Watching too much TV right before bedtime has the same effect, and not just on the kids. We live in a culture of over-stimulation and this is exactly the kind of stimulus package we DON’T want!

We may not be able to control the Invasion of the Electrical Appliances at our office, but we can definitely make sure we get a good night’s rest at home in our perfectly feng shui’ed bedroom. Go home tonight and take inventory there as well. You probably have a clock radio alarm, TV, VCR, DVD player, computer, treadmill, plenty of lights, telephone, cell phone, an iPod…and probably a few hidden toys under the bed that only you and that special someone know about. Some of you may even have two of everything I just mentioned. Am I right? No wonder that a blissful sleep is but a dream!

If you’re running on empty, drained of your energy, it’s only a matter of time before the boss or your significant other notices. You need to improve your feng shui to avoid that pink slip! A good start is to create a peaceful sanctuary by removing all these gadgets from your bedroom. Put them elsewhere in your home. At work, adding leafy green plants to your office space will not only produce life-giving oxygen, but, they will absorb most of the electrical impulses generated by the equipment. Now go home and get that well deserved rest!

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