Extremely high ceiling (I'd put some art over the fireplace).

Extremely high ceiling (I'd put some art over the fireplace).





Too much chi (energy) can be overwhelming if it takes the form of an empty space with nothing to rest the eyes on. It’s a wonderful feeling to be out in the wide open spaces of nature, but not so comforting if you don’t have a snug cozy home to retreat to. We are originally cave dwellers, after all! Jump here to the comments section of Apartment Therapy to see what I advised someone to do about her too-high ceilings today. I’m too tired to repost my comments as my significant other is unexpectedly in the hospital the past couple of days.


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6 responses to “TOO HIGH CEILINGS?

  1. pigletliver

    Hi there! I’m the one with the big walls and high ceilings. My bedroom is the worst! Not only are the ceilings high, but the space is awkward and I don’t feel like my furniture fits correctly!

    Yes, it’s totally overwhelming, but I’m going to use some of your suggestions, and see what I can do.


    • Did you check out “Perfect Balance” post? There is a photo of my own loft’s high ceilings and what I did to fill the space.
      Also, would you do this for me: take photos of what your space looks like now. Then take photos of what your space looks like
      after you utilize some of my suggestions. I’ll post the “Before” and “Afters” on my blog if you want. Good luck!

    • Pigletliver~
      BTW, if you have the high ceilings in your bedroom, that makes it very difficult to sleep. In my high ceilinged loft, I had a pencil post bed with a frame around the top that allowed me to have a fabric canopy (and side curtains if I really wanted to get cozy). This protected me and made the bed like a room-within-a-room. If you ever visit castles or historic houses where they have bedroom furniture, you’ll notice most of them use this type of bed…not only to bring the ceiling in on the bed for a more cozy feel, but for warmth in those olden times. If your bed doesn’t have posts, you could create an alternative way to hang fabric over it….you could find a mosquito netting kind of harem tent to hang from the ceiling over your bed, or, go to this link to see how they hung curtain rods from the ceiling around the bed ( —I think the photo and url are ugly but they demonstrate what/how to do it. For your room, I’d say hang the rods on chains coming down about 6′ from the ceiling, then drape fabric across the rods over your bed. You could let the fabric hang off the sides just a little, or all the way to the floor for a romantic look.

  2. Here’s a link to the harem tent thingys i was talking about. We have a hot pink one in our guest room in Maine and it really adds something to an otherwise dull boxy room.

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