My Boyfriend’s Neckties Get New Life as a Quilt


Idea: Recycle unused neckties into a beautiful quilt. 

How to: Select your ties, open up the back center seams, press them flat, merrow finish the edges, arrange them on a piece of cloth of your choice (I used velvet), baste them in place (necessary because most ties are cut on the bias which makes the grain shift when sewing them down later), sew them down permanently (I used machine but some traditionalists might want to hand sew). Back the quilt with another fabric (I used a chenille throw), finish edges. 

Quilts are works of art and represent loving hands at home—always great energy and that’s good feng shui!


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9 responses to “My Boyfriend’s Neckties Get New Life as a Quilt

  1. The quilt is beautiful. It looks like a piece of art!
    Thanks for sharing the instructions.

  2. Thanks, Diana. I forgot to mention the center medallion piece which is not a necktie but a beautiful oblong textile. One could use a similar textile (you might even find some pretty placemat that would work).

  3. The center medallion looked like another portion of a tie! My husband uses pocket squares, maybe I could use a few of those and make a textile piece.

    Thanks so much for the added instructions. The center piece really “tops” it off to make it an art piece. I love it! My husband has tons of ties that I can use for this project.

  4. Diana,

    Your portraits of the Obamas are magnificent. I love your work. Be sure to check out my fine art and rug designs too at

    Thanks again for dropping by my blog and good luck with your tie quilt!

  5. Thank you, Katy. I really enjoyed browsing your site and looking at all of your colorful art. Your site is very well structured and it makes me want to stay and look at more. I signed up for your feeds to your blog, to keep in touch.

    I will make a quilt of the ties and show you what I created from your inspirations. Thanks for the compliments of my Obama mosaic. It was just returned from the Washington, D. C. area, after being showcased in President Obama: A Celebration in Art Quilts. We now have a book published with photos of the 60 quilts for sale and the proceeds will go to Montgomery College for their art students. The book is on Blurb.

    Thanks again, Diana

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  7. The Quilting Gallery at

    has just posted my necktie quilt on their blog. If you’re a quilter, you will love The Quilting Gallery blog!


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