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Lupine blooming in Maine. (c) Katy Allgeyer

Lupine blooming in Maine. (c) Katy Allgeyer

Enough already with winter! I’ve got cabin fever, don’t you? I realize it’s only 4 days or so until spring is officially here but it still can’t come soon enough for me. 

My desk feels like it’s closing in on me. Here’s a quick fix:

1) Stop what you’re doing, breathe in and out deeply 3 x.

2) Drink a big refreshing glass of water.

3) Get up off your duff and stretch to the ceiling.

4) Take a few moments to tidy up your surroundings without going for the full spring cleaning routine (save it for another day).

5)Treat yourself to a beautiful floral bouquet to enjoy for the rest of the week. The color and fragrance will lift your chi (energy). Be sure to display it where you will enjoy it most–your desktop or somewhere in the room you spend most of your day in.

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Birdcage set of 5 from Chuck E. Byrd Vinyl Wall Art.

Birdcage set of 5 from Chuck E. Byrd Vinyl Wall Art.

Today while surfing I stumbled upon this cool site that offers wall art in the form of vinyl graphic images that are applied directly to the wall. Kind of an instant mural treatment. This particular design of 5 birdcages is wonderful feng shui. Why? Because it fills in a space and lifts the eye / energy upward, has the activation color red in it, and visually enhances an otherwise dull space. All this for well under $100 bucks. This is an example of how feng shui does not have to break the bank. Check out Chuck E. Byrd for more designs to choose from.


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