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Going on an interview during your lunch hour? That’s stressful enough. But you’re probably also trying to do it undercover and without your boss or colleagues finding out. And, you’ve only got an hour to dash out to the interview and back. Phew! Talk about stress. Gives me the jitters just thinking about it.

What you need is a way to instantly calm yourself down so you can focus on the task at hand–acing the interview! Here’s an ancient meditation that involves both a mudra (hand placement) and a mantra (sacred word chant). It’s called The Calming Heart Meditation and it does just that. The repetition of certain key phrases in a mantra allows the mind to focus and the body to relax. This method does not conflict with your religious beliefs, or lack thereof. Rather, it is a technique of ancient yogis and feng shui practitioners to clear our minds and hearts of clutter so that we can be more receptive to our intended task.

So, before you go to the interview, take a few minutes alone and chant the following meditation. Begin by placing your left hand on top of your right hand and touch the thumbs in the center. Bring your cradled hands over to your chest as if you were holding your heart. You may close your eyes or keep them open; it’s up to you.

The next part is a bit trickier. You will need to recite the mantra over and again nine times to calm your heart. It doesn’t take long once you know the words. Until you memorize them, you can use a cheat sheet and read the words instead, repeating 9 times. The words are: GATE GATE PARA-GATE PARA SAM GATE BODHI SVAHA (pronounced: Gah Tay Gah Tay. Pahra Gay Tay, Pahra Sahm Gah Tay, Bode-ee Svah Hah). The words literally mean, ” Gone, gone, gone across, completely gone across, the enlightened state, it is accomplished, I recognize the truth in myself.” Nine is the minimum, but you can continue repeating the mantra in sets of 9 for as long as you want to.

Remember to use this meditation whenever you feel stressed and need help focusing. Calm your heart before an exam, a hot date,meeting your girlfriend’s family, or an important presentation. It may even help you get to sleep after seeing the Watchmen movie.


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Thanks to dallasvintageshop.com for photo.

Thanks to dallasvintageshop.com for photo.

    “Clothes make the man.” “Let’s see what cut of cloth he’s made of.” “She’s dressed for success.” “That outfit makes you look like a million bucks.” Tired cliché’s? Perhaps. But often there is a kernel of truth in well-worn sayings such as these. Appearances do count when one is trying to make a good impression in the working world. Can feng shui be applied to clothes, too?

    Yes, the clothes we wear can and do influence our feng shui. Certain colors activate and energize us, others soothe us. Wearing those colors has that impact.

For example, red is the symbol for fire, passion, and activating. Red is a powerful color and a mood lifter. Red grabs attention whether it’s worn in a power tie, a Hillary Clinton pantsuit, or a Sarah Palin lipstick. Try this: next time you wake up feeling so-so, go for the bright red sweater or scarf. You’ll not only look better, you’ll feel better, too. If on the other hand, you’re all wound up and can’t relax, you may want to rethink those bright red silk pajamas. Sure, they’re great for stirring up passions, but to calm down you want a tranquil shade of green or blue.

    It’s not just about color. It’s about balance. Wearing too much of one hue or type of fabric in one outfit can be overpowering and put you off balance (not good for chi energy). For example, a leather jacket or a leather skirt or pants is great. But a head-to-toe leather jacket, vest, pants or skirt is too much of a good thing. Leather is animal; to balance it you need some plant-based material (silk, cotton, or linen), and perhaps add some metal touches in your accessories (belt buckles and jewelry) and some gemstones in your jewelry.

    Besides color and balance, one needs to consider common sense. Don’t wear it if it’s in disrepair, unclean, unkempt, out-of-style, doesn’t fit, or doesn’t enhance your looks. Tip: Visit the Career Fashion Blog to see more cool clothes ideas for work.


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  Where do you place your health and fitness on your list of priorities? Seriously, make a list. Examine your list closely. Is working late hours a higher priority than working out? Does scoring the next raise and promotion rate higher with you than raising your heartbeat? If so, you’re not practicing feng shui.

    The feng shui bagua map positions the “Family & Health” sector immediately below the Wealth sector. This signifies the importance of maintaining good health in order to create abundant prosperity. It also is symbolic of the idea that a strong family, a strong body and mind, are essential to building a strong foundation for attracting and accumulating wealth.

    Spring is a time of renewal. I recommend that in order to create more wealth and prosperity in our lives, we must pay more attention to our health and our family relationships.

*Routine maintenance. Get a complete physical to make sure you catch any problems early.

*Get moving! Fit exercise into your busy schedule, even if it’s simply walking more.

*Eat healthy. It’s really true that we are what we eat. A good rule of thumb is to eat a wide range of colors in fruits and veggies so you know you’re getting your vitamins naturally.

*Make amends. If you have some discord with family members, take the first step towards reconciliation.


Remember, maintaining good health and healing those family rifts directly impacts your wealth sector. Reason enough to do it!


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Feng Shui By Fishgirl Smudge Stick

Feng Shui By Fishgirl Smudge Stick

  Ever walk into a vacant conference room and want to leave immediately? You may have even wrinkled your nose unconsciously, as if the air had a peculiar stench to it. Chances are you were picking up on some residue from the past usage of the room. It might have simply been a long drawn out meeting with a lot of tension between the attendees. Or, worse still, the room may have been used to deliver bad news such as a mass layoff or firing of staff after a takeover by another firm. Imagine the ick-factor in the room where former NASDAQ chieftan Bernie Madoff admitted his entire operation was nothing but a Ponzi scheme.

    When harsh words are spoken, voices are raised in anger, or emotions are running high for whatever reason, the chi (energy) does tend to linger in the atmosphere. Those of us who are sensitive to it will pick up on the ‘bad vibes’ even if we don’t quite know what the source is. Many of us will suffer the symptoms of the drained chi even if we don’t connect the dots. For example, if you’re working in the vicinity of such a heavy atmosphere, you may have a lethargic feeling, a headache, or an inability to concentrate on your work even if you’re blissfully unaware of any disturbances in the corporate jungle nearby your cubicle.

    To remove past psychic residue that is impacting present workers, space must be periodically cleared. This can be done after every meeting—negative or positive—to keep the chi on an even keel. One can clear the air with sage, incense, or scented oils. Chi an also be refreshed with sound cures such as Tibetan bells, gongs, or chimes. Light also helps, as in lighting a candle to reset a balanced, peaceful mood. Opening windows and literally letting fresh air in is also suitable for a quick feng shui fix.

    It’s easy to implement these ideas at home and but what if your employer is not open to the practice of feng shui, most of the above chi-lifting cures can be introduced by staff under the guise of ‘cheering up the place’ or simply done after hours when the big boss is absent from the premises. Clearing the air is a subtle but powerful feng shui practice that costs next to nothing and has instant results. Try it!

Feng Shui By Fishgirl offers a smudgestick made of sage + several herbs collected and hand made by a Native American shaman in northern California. Complete instructions for usage, these 10″ large smudgers make awesome gifts and last a long time! $25 includes s & h to most places in US. Please inquire.


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simple-prosperity-book1    There’s a fascinating interview Jen Smith has done with author David Wann at   MillionaireMommyNextDoor.com .You’ll find the concept of Simple Prosperity to be very much in alignment with true feng shui  ideals. It’s not about accumulating money and stuff. It’s about attracting abundance that helps you to create a quality lifestyle rich in time and experiences at the highest level. I love that. And of course, it’s also being mindful that we’re not alone on this planet.

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