“She says we are ALL connected!” ~ Jim Carroll (from his song, “Sisters”)

Peel away the masks, we are all connected.

Peel away the masks, we are all connected.   

    When asked what Feng Shui is, I often explain that Feng Shui is not a religion nor is it a form of magic. Feng Shui is a practical method of assessing and improving the quality of our lives through observations and analysis of our home and office
environments. That being said, Feng Shui can–and often does– have “magical” results. Focusing our hearts and minds on high intentions for our greatest good is one principle discipline of Feng Shui. When we decide to live our lives with what I call “Intentional Success”, we create an atomosphere of willingness  to open ourselves to the best things in life, the little magical daily events that remind us that we are all connected. 

Those amazing little coincidences are also called synchronicity. Once we begin paying attention to them, and honoring them for the little miracles that they are, we might notice that they begin to happen more frequently or with greater impact on our lives.

Here’s an example from my own life. In December 2005, a new client approached me about consulting on her house. There were several little things that happened leading up to the appointment that almost made me cancel or reschedule. But, my intuition said to show up. Unbeknownst to me, she was really a reporter acting as an undercover agent in order to review my feng shui services for The Wall Street Journal. Even after I worked with this client, I was not told of the upcoming article. 

A few weeks later, I was at LAX picking my boyfriend up from a trip he made to the east coast. He greeted me by saying, “Guess who is in The Wall Street Journal?!” and handing me a stack of extra newspaper copies. I thought HE was in it. But as it turned out, he was referring to the feature article that my client had contributed to. It was very exciting to be one of only five feng shui experts chosen world-wide for this wonderful piece. 

Another five weeks or so passed. I attended a friend’s art opening party several towns over from where I live. Several things were happening in my life at the time,but, once again I felt my intuition tell me it was important to show up.It was an event that I especially wanted to show up for, to support my good friend in the last show she would have at this particular gallery. A little while after I got there,I spied a man wearing a colorful jacket that had unusual cross-stitch embroidery on it. It caught my eye because back in December I had cut up an old skirt I had from the same type of embroidered cloth and transformed it into a pillow. I made  the pillow for my boyfriend as a Christmas present and thought he would enjoy it since he is an avid textile collector, and, as I mentioned before this textile was quite special. I didn’t know it’s provenance so I decided to approach the man at the party to see if he knew where his jacket originated. 

He did. It was from Chiang Mai, Thailand. With that mystery solved, we continued to converse. Turns out he was an ex-New Yorker like me. He invited me and my boyfriend to a weekly salon type party that happens in downtown LA where I live. We spoke of what we did for a living and I mentioned that I was both a fine artist and a feng shui consultant. What happened next was classic synchronicity: he told me he was very interested in feng shui and his good friend who first invited him to this salon party downtown is a reporter who recently wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal. Imagine his delight and surprise to learn that his friend and my client are one and the same person! We have since become friends and this has widened my circle
of opportunity for abundance and good ch’i (energy). 

Much has been made of the ‘six degrees of separation’ that connects all of us to one another. I can only offer my own experience as proof of this concept. More importantly, I think a point can be made about how much we gain by “showing up”.
With our busy lives, we have so many choices of where to spend our time and our money. We are often too tired to go anywhere after a long day of working hard. When I think about the opportunities that have come to me by following my intuition and showing up, it inspires me to continue to do so and muster the energy when it feels important to do so. And, to pay attention to the little synchronicities along the way that are life-affirming gifts. 

When we pay attention to synchronicity, we strengthen our intuition. We invite more ‘magic’ into our routine lives. With a stronger intuition, we are able to set higher intentions for ourselves about what we wish to attract into our lives. This is key to good feng shui.

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