An LA loft with good feng shui.

An LA loft with good feng shui.



Can you spot the feng shui solutions I used in this space? 

The large wood oval shaped dining table represents yin energy (feminine) and is balanced by the square backed chairs that are yang energy. The orangey red color of the chairs represents fire and enhances the Fame & Reputation location where they are situated in this room. The square backs of the chairs balance the table’s curves. Rounded leaf green plants and a tree are in the Wealth area, notice how they are also placed up high to balance out the 14′ ceilings. Orchid plant in full bloom balances the stone countertop. A mobile made of metal in the form of buffalo represents ‘prayer and abundance’ and is well placed in the Wealth power point, lifting chi energy and recirculating it throughout the space. Since I am also a fine artist, I wanted one of my paintings to be displayed in the Wealth area–this one has colors red and green in it which also activates wealth. The elements of wood, water (glass bowl on table, window out of view),metal, fire, and earth are all represented here.

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