“Speech is the mirror of the soul.” ~ Publilius Syrus (1st Century BC)

Mirrors are one of the most common Feng Shui cures.They work well in both home and office spaces. Let’s take a look at your office. Imagine a dark, cramped, dingy space. The size of the space confines and constricts you. It’s difficult to breathe and that makes it difficult to concentrate. There might not even be any windows. At worst it sounds like Alcatraz, at best it is the closet under the staircase where you used to play hide and seek. Does this depressing space motivate you, inspire you, and energize you? Not likely! But this might be the office you are working in now.

 Before you jump out that window you don’t even have,let me share a simple feng shui solution that can help you transform your dark hole into an uplifting work area. The solution is to consider installing some mirrors.Mirrors enhance a space tremendously by adding more reflected light. Whether your light source is natural or not, mirrors bounce it back into the room. A well placed framed mirror can serve as a great substitute for a window.

In addition, mirrors give the illusion of expanding a cramped space so that it appears much larger than it is. A full length mirrored wall, for example, can virtually double the size of any room.When a room feels larger and brighter, you feel less nervous and more energized. That’s far more conducive to doing your best work and getting the job done with less effort.

Another way mirrors are used in feng shui is to correct poor desk placement. The optimum situation is to place your desk in the “Command Position”. The “Command Position”  is located deep inside the room,

with your back against a preferably solid wall and has an unobstructed view of the entire room, especially the entry door to the office. If you are forced to configure your desk so that your back is facing the entry point, this position keeps you subliminally ‘on alert’  because you are vulnerable to people approaching you and surprising you. You can’t work if you’re constantly being startled or expecting to be.  Put a rear view mirror on your desk or computer so that you can see who is entering your space.


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4 responses to “MIRROR, MIRROR

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  2. If I’m going to hang an 8-sided mirror facing an abusive neighbor’s house, should it be where they can see it? My options are on a post holding up the carport or on house wall under carport where it would still reflect their house but not be too visible.
    I love your website. Very informative. Your personality really shines through.

    • Dear Loving Rose,
      * sided mirrors are called “bagua mirrors” and should never be hung inside the house, always hang on exterior (or in windows facing outward). It does not matter if the offending neighbor’s property is reflected in the mirror…it’s more about DEflecting their negative energy away from your home. It’s probably better for you visually and esthetically to put where it is more discreet like under the carport. If you feel this information has been helpful to you, please consider a small donation to help me continue my website. The donate button goes to paypal and is located on my home page.
      Thank you and have a great weekend


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